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Geek Elite Media

Jun 28, 2021

The Watchers: John, Jess, Stephen, Mitch, and Elizabeth discuss their week's watch, and talk about Disney+'s 'Loki'; episode 3 "Lamentis".

01:23 Introductions
02:22 Elizabeth's Week's Watch (The Fast & The Furious 3 - 8)
16:48 Stephen's Week's Watch (The Big Sick Rime Video)
20:34 John's Week's Watch (The Suicide Squad Trailer, Tenet HBO Max)
37:06 Mitch's Week's Watch (Hacks HBO Max)
40:32 Jessica's Week's Watch (Luca Disney+) & Loki Episode 3 Thoughts 
44:58 Loki Episode 3 Discussion
1:10:01 Outros