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Mar 26, 2016

Angela, Cris, and Mitch talk about a family favorite from 1987, *batteries not included

"Frank (Hume Cronyn) and Faye Riley (Jessica Tandy) are an elderly New York City couple living in a depressed part of town. There, they run a diner as well as an apartment building, which is home to a poor but friendly group of...

Mar 25, 2016

Mitch recruits Cris to talk about the Devil Of Hell's Kitchen, more specifically The Netflix Original Marvel's Daredevil Season 2. This episode is heavy with spoilers and if you have not watched it yet please turn back now.

Mar 24, 2016

Mr. Freeze

Originally called Mr. Zero,[1] he was renamed and popularized by the 1960s Batman television series, in which he was played by several actors.[3][4][5]

Nearly 30 years later, a television adaptation of Batman revitalized him once again. Batman: The Animated Series retold Mr. Freeze's origin in "Heart of Ice",...

Mar 23, 2016


Listen at your own risk, because here there be SPOILERS, so I hope you are caught up on all your comic book tv shows.


So if you watch Supergirl, Arrow,...

Mar 22, 2016

Its been a long time coming but the boys get the call and are ready to take their places among The Division. Cris and Richard talk The Division, video game news, and your issues. So get your things together soldiers and prepare for war.