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Geek Elite Media

Aug 22, 2021

Join Keith and Josue as they review all the new comics that they picked up this week!
New Comic Books For The Week Of 8/17/21

@dccomics 1:10:30

Jun 3, 2021

Chris and Mitch jump into the spinner rack and then they talk about the DC Comics stories that loosely make up the story seen in the animated film 'Justice Society: WWII' on this #NewComicBookDay.

So if you ever wonder "What If?", or utter the words "Just Imagine", or love to argue "Who Would Win?" then this is...

Jun 13, 2020

Mitch sits down with content creator, and entertainer extraordinaire to talk about podcasting and his journey to being versatile producer that he has become.


Jan 1, 2020

Mitch invites members of Geek Elite Media each give their thoughts on 2019 and what they are excited about in 2020.

Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2020. We hope you continue to enjoy our various programming and welcome our new programs. Thank you and always remember to GEEK OUT!

Sep 21, 2019

Mitch continues this new segment Meet Geek Elite Media, so our listeners can get to know the other members of our collective. This outing is John Camarena who is an original host of The Geek's Watch with Mitch, and resident topic deep diver for Geek Elite Media.