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Geek Elite Media

Jan 27, 2016


Listen at your own risk, because here there be SPOILERS, so I hope you are caught up on all your comic book tv shows.

Daniel and Mitch have to get back into the swing of things as some of the shows come back from the Christmas hiatus. Supergirl, Agent Carter, Flash, Arrow, and the much anticipated DC's Legends of Tomorrow, all have new episodes for the guys to talk about. So If you're ready, lets get started.


:42 Intros & News
8:56 Supergirl 1x10
17:54 Flash 2x10
33:17 Arrow 4x10
44:20 Agent Carter 2x1&2
51:39 DC's Legends of Tomorrow
1:07:41 Good Byes

So if you watch Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, or Agent Carter, tune in to Televised Heroics as Daniel and Mitch remind you why you like scripted television again.