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Sep 25, 2015


Listen at your own risk, beccause here there be SPOILERS, so I hope you are caught up on all your comic book tv shows.

Anticipating the start of the fall tv schedule, Daniel and Mitch talk about what they have seen leading up to the different comic book tv shows, what they expect to see this season, and what they want to see.

Here is are times if you'd like to skip to just the shows you watch or skip shows you are not caught up on. Feel free to scrub but just know you'll be missing out.

:44 Introductions
1:08 Gotham
10:18 The Flash
15:26 Arrow
21:28 Supergirl ( a little bibt of X-Men movie universe thrown in)
31:08 Agents Of SHIELD ( and for some reason DCCU Joker at 37:04)
39:40 Jessica Jones
44:10 Heroes Reborn
47:30 Hodge Podge Clean up: What we would like to see 
53:17 Good Byes

So if you watch Arrow, Flash, The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, or Agent Carter, tune in to Televised Heroics as Daniel and Mitch remind you why you like scripted television again.