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Geek Elite Media

Sep 27, 2015

Do you remember the 80's?

How about the 90's?

Do you want to?

Well it doesn't matter because Arron and Mitch are taking you back to their youth and discussing their childhood tv and movie likes, and remembering it all for you. 

This week the guys watched the first season of My Secret Identity from 1988 starring Jerry O'Connell as a comic book reading teen who gets real life superpowers. They are going to cover the cast, the plots, celebrity cameos, and whether or not the show holds up, among other things. If you don't remember this show, or never watched it in the first place, just listen to the theme and you'll get the idea of its greatness.

So sit back, strap in, turn off your high definition tvs, and relax as Arron and Mitch take you back in time, as if you were hitting 88 miles per hour in a DeLorean, with Standard Definition.